Jim Clore, Jr

Fredericksburg, Virginia

I prefer to be called Jim.  Only my mother and gradeschool classmates called me James.   As soon as I was old enough to tell people not to call me James, Jimbo, or Jimmy, I set that record straight.

I was born in Fredericksburg in 1973 and I have never moved from the area.   I love Fredericksburg, Virginia and I cannot imagine living anywhere else.  There are few places that are one hour from the ocean, one hour from the mountains, one hour from the state’s capital, and one hour from the Nation’s Capital.


Why does this page exist?

I created this page to provide a space where people could come to be encouraged, laugh, or maybe even learn something about our great City of Fredericksburg or surrounding Virginia areas. I love to write about food and adventures. I am not trying to get famous, but maybe through something you see here will spark your interest.  


Credit where credit is due

God is the Creator of all things. The Bible is His holy word without error or flaw. Jesus is the son of God. He came to earth to provide us salvation and redemption. No man comes to the Father but by Him.   My life has been an absolute mess at times.  I have been at the very bottom, and most people would have never known it.   I am thankful that God has not only rescued me, but provided a Savior for me, and most importantly got my attention and shown me how to live a happy and content life going forward.  Is it perfect, of course not.  But I know that every day is an opportunity to make new what He has given us.